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Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.866

Update to the Phone Disk (Mac) 1.866 release. Fixes a few minor bugs. Auto unmount the dead mounted disks.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Pod to PC -

Various minor bug fixes have been added to Pod to PC.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) -

Update to the Adapter (Mac) 1.0 release.
Fixes a few minor bugs.

Macroplant logo icon thumb itDJ (Mac) 0.9.9 (Beta-Release)

New in itDJ 0.9.9:

  • Various assorted bugs fixed, including some crash bugs, and general things not working as they should.
  • Be sure to let us know if you have any troubles. And if it crashes, just start itDJ again and click "Send" on the error report window that comes up - that one little report is often the difference between a couple hours and a couple weeks to find and squash the bug.
  • Macroplant logo icon thumb itDJ (Mac) 0.9.8 (Beta-Release)

    Next step towards the big itDJ 1.0...

    New in 0.9.8:

  • Lots of bugs fixed, in particular all known crash and freeze bugs.
  • You can pick a different iTunes library (for those who keep their library in a non-default location, like an external drive).
  • There are now a couple of folders which appear under the itDJ section of the library. Save your snippits and recordings there, and they will show up right away for quick access.
  • Macroplant logo icon thumb Pod to PC -

    Pod to PC includes minor UI updates.

    Iexplorer4 icon thumb Safari for Windows Installs a Bad DLL

    The Windows versions of iPhone Explorer and Phone Disk rely upon a few DLLs created by Apple and typically installed with iTunes. A recent update to Safari for Windows installs a new CoreFoundation.dll which, when certain functions are called by iPhone Explorer or Phone Disk, result in a crash as a result of a debugging user-breakpoint left in by the developers at Apple. Because this DLL is shared between various other Apple programs, it's very difficult to revert back to the previous verion of the DLL.

    If you've already installed the Safari update, then iPhone Explorer and Phone Disk aren't going to be able to access the app directories until Apple gets around to updating that DLL again. If you haven't yet installed the updated Safari for Windows, than we recommend waiting a couple months for the next version which will hopefully be more stable.

    Dupeaway icon 512x512 icon thumb Dupe Away (PC) 2.004

    Dupe Away 2.004 is mostly an optimization on the developer side that won't be noticed much by end-users, but squashes a few bugs and includes a new splash screen. Note that the .NET 4 framework is now required, which will be automatically installed if necessary during the Dupe Away setup process.

    Iexplorer4 icon thumb iPhone Explorer (Mac) -

    iPhone Explorer includes significant improvements to back-end functionality of the program and various bug fixes.

    Version no longer supports PPC processors so the last PPC compatible build has been made available on our downloads page.

    Macroplant logo icon thumb itDJ (Mac) 0.9.7 (Beta-Release)

    Next step towards the big 1.0...

    New in 0.9.7:

  • Central panel now has a Synthesizer panel (loop your own sequence, notes or chords)
  • Backbone for MIDI controller support has been put in. The debut device that is supported: the Hercules DJ Console RMX. Check the tab in Preferences to get it connected.
  • Volume is allowed to get much higher, but you can also set how loud to allow, and how you want itDJ to keep that limit.
  • Various bug fixes.