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Recent Updates

iExplorer for Windows April 28, 2017 -- Version

No details available for this release

iExplorer for Windows April 11, 2017 -- Version

Bug Fix Corrects image orientation in iTunes Backup File Explorer

Improvement Improves memory management and resolves related bug when viewing photos in iTunes Backup File Explorer

iExplorer for Windows April 11, 2017 -- Version

Improvement Backup decryption speed improved when relaunching iExplorer

Bug Fix Various bug fixes

iExplorer for Windows April 07, 2017 -- Version 4.1.3

Feature Faces photo albums now show face thumbnail

Bug Fix Several crash fixes

Bug Fix A bug preventing voice memos from loading on certain devices has been resolved

Bug Fix An intermittent bug preventing thumbnails from occasionally loading has been resolved

Improvement Improved workflow/clarity for photo albums containing items stored in iCloud

iExplorer for Windows April 04, 2017 -- Version 4.1.2

Feature We overhauled the photos section and added photo groupings by moment, person, album and item type

Feature iTunes Backups now have a photos section allowing photo recovery from backups

Improvement Release notes now appear in the welcome tab that appears when no devices are connected

Improvement Phone numbers are now formatted internationally by default. A setting to adjust the format has been added to the prefs menu.

Improvement Exporting messages to a .CSV now includes addtional columns

Feature "Favorite" column added to music table

Improvement Thumbnail rendering is improved (w/reduced file caching) when using Backup Explorer

Bug Fix Various bugs related to disk mounting have been resolved

Bug Fix A crash that occurred when dragging large numbers of files has been resolved

Improvement Photos and thumbnails now appear in the preview panel with the correct orientation

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