Recent Updates

iExplorer for Windows March 21, 2017 -- Version

Bug Fix Memory leak created by viewing thousands of photos fixed

Bug Fix Various other minor crashes are now fixed

iExplorer for Mac March 21, 2017 -- Version 4.0.12

Feature iOS 10.3 now fully supported

iExplorer for Windows March 21, 2017 -- Version

Feature Exporting messages to PDF now (optionally) allows message database details and participant details to be included in the first page's header

Bug Fix A (rare) crash occurring when certain chats were selected in the messages section has been resolved

Improvement Splash screen restored

Bug Fix Various bug fixes

iExplorer for Windows March 14, 2017 -- Version

Feature Now fully supports iOS 10.3.

Improvement Enhanced preview panel. Adds quick access to function buttons and cleans up layout (in particular for the Address. Book section).

Bug Fix A dozen or so important bug fixes related to the large scope of changes introduced in version 4.1.0.

Improvement Empty tables are now clearly labeled as empty.

iExplorer for Windows March 13, 2017 -- Version 4.1.0

Feature User interface largely updated. Includes: layout, color scheme, buttons, modals windows, prefs panel, and icons.

Feature User actions (eg: file transfers) more accurately display their activity and can now be cancelled.

Feature Messages now supports color emojis.

Bug Fix Backend code largely overhauled. Many misc. bugs fixed..

Feature Loading performance largely improved for loading backup features such as messages, contacts, voicemail.

Feature Calendar interface completely reworked. Vastly improved.

Feature Messages PDF exporting improved (bug fixes + improved performance).

Feature Message now support for stickers.

Feature Improved organization of "AppDomain" and "AppDomainGroup" in the Backup Explorer section.

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