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Dupe Away is the fastest, easiest and most powerful iTunes duplicate remover app for Mac and PC. It instantly cleans duplicate tracks, playlist entries, missing files and more.

Dupe Files

Free disk space by finding and removing all the duplicate files from iTunes.

Missing Files

Instantly clean out the dead tracks that are referencing files which don't exist anymore.

Playlist Dupes

Clean your playlists and avoid listening to the same song more than once in each mix.

Abandoned Files

Detect and manage files from your music directories that aren't in iTunes.

Recover Wasted Disk Space

Clean Music & Video File Duplicates

Dupe Away instantly finds the dupes in iTunes and, based on your preferences, automatically determines which duplicate to keep and which to remove.

delete duplicate files
import missing files to itunes

Detect Unused Files

Ever wonder how many tracks exist in your Music folder that aren't in iTunes? We call these "abandoned tracks." Dupe Away detects these files for you so you can recover the file to iTunes or recover the disk space being wasted by it.

Clean Your iTunes Music Library

Instant Playlist Cleanup

Hate listening to the same song back-to-back? So do we. Dupe Away playlist feature analyzes all of your playlists individually and finds and removes those dupes within your playlists so you don't have to.

itunes playlist cleanup
delete corrupt iTunes files

Remove Dead Tracks

If you've ever moved or deleted media using Finder (or any other app that's not iTunes), you may be left with some tracks that won't play in iTunes. With the touch of a button, Dupe Away cleans those tracks from iTunes so you no longer have to see that annoying 'file not found' dialog.