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Macroplant Blog

Awesome Files Connect (PC) version 1.0.1

The latest update of Awesome Files Connect for Windows fixes several significant bugs, adds a crash reporter, reduces the directory load times and improves the look of the icons.

Dupe Away (PC) - 2.000

Version 2.000 for PC significantly reduces startup speed for large iTunes libraries, as well as improving execution time overall. A crash reporter now captures all Dupe Away crashes, to inform developers of program issues. Miscellaneous bug fixes are included as well.

itDJ (Mac) 0.9.6 (Beta-Release)

New in 0.9.6: * Improvements to Automatic DJ. Check out the Auto DJ tab under Preferences to better control what exactly it does. * Lots of bugs fixed.

Dupe Away (Mac)

Dupe Away (Mac) contains bug fixes for changing playlists during delete operations and dock icon badge duplicate counts.

iPhone Explorer (PC) 2.111

iPhone Explorer 2.111 includes several bug fixes, additionally, hidden files on the iPhone can now be viewed (or hidden from the prefs menu).

Dupe Away (Mac)

Dupe Away (Mac) includes several optimizations that vastly improve start-up and execution time. PowerPC (on OS X 10.5) is now supported. Now includes a crash reporter. Various bug fixes.

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.862

Phone Disk (Mac) 1.862 includes various bug fixes.

iPhone Explorer (PC) 2.104

A few commonly stumbled upon bugs have been squashed.

Crash Reporting Framework Added to Windows Programs

The latest versions of Pod to PC, Phone Disk (PC) and iPhone Explorer (PC) all included a light weight crash reporting framework and various other minor updates.

Pod to Mac -

Pod to Mac includes various bug fixes.