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Pod to Mac -

Various bug fixes have been added to Pod to Mac.

Awesome Files 1.0.4 submitted!

The latest version of Awesome Files is awesome!! We submitted it to the App Store yesterday and are looking forward to seeing the following new features go live in the next few days.

  • File search has been added.
  • File dragging has been added.
  • Ability to upload to Google Docs has been added.
  • File names now extend to two lines if needed.
  • A delete button now appears in the corner of the selected icons.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and UI updates.
  • Press Page Created

    For bloggers, magazines and all other publisher people, we've created a press page which contains some info about our programs and high-resolution images to include in your publications.

    Pod to Mac

    Pod to Mac 4.2 is a major update from the previous version of Pod to Mac and includes:

  • A huge reworking of the Pod to Mac back-end code.
  • Significant UI updates including new icons, buttons, status screen, layout and cholor scheme.
  • Context menus (or right-click menus) have been added to the media tab (music and videos) and also to the photo tab. These context menus provide additional track and playlist transfer options. The photos context menu allows users to easily copy files to the clip board or open them with preview.
  • You can now disable iTunes track matching in the preferences menu.
  • File access to the iOS device is now bottlenecked and now Pod to Mac will only access one file at a time on an iOS device. This improves the stability of the program for some users.
  • And lots of little things here and there...
  • Phone Disk (mac)1.821

    PhoneDisk (Mac) 1.821 for Mac Release!

    It includes a few bug fixes and one new features:
    1. Add two mount disk mode(External disks/Connected servers)
    2. Resolved mount failed when logged in non-admin problem.
    (you need to switch to"Connected servers" mount disk mode.)


    itDJ (Mac) 0.9.3 (Beta-Release)

    Some new was to control itDJ in this release: 1. See the Control menu in the menu bar. There are keyboard shortcuts to most of the commands, as well. 2. Gestures, for those with trackpads and the newer MagicMouse. Pinch/pull while the cursor is over a turntable area to change its gain. Three-finger swipe up/down will scratch the turntable vinyl backward/forward (wicky-wicky-wick-w-wick). 3. Drag the title of a turntable's track off, to remove it. 4. Various bug fixes.

    iPhone Explorer 2.102 and Phone Disk 1.110

    A bug has been fixed in the latest Windows versions of iPhone Explorer and Phone Disk which allows the programs to successfully decode the connected iOS device name. Various other minor bugs have been squashed.

    Pod to PC v4.014

    Pod to PC 4.014 improves the photo transfer features by fixing various threading issues and adding compatibility for additional databases. Various links back to our website in the program have been fixed and other minor stability improvements have been added.

    itDJ (Mac) 0.9.2 (Beta-Release)

    Even more great improvements: - Big improvement to CPU usage - Plenty of bugs fixed - The current queue is remembered when you start again - More options in the menu bar - Some improvement to the Auto-DJ

    Pod to PC - v4.012

    Pod to PC version 4.012 add support for images in iOS firmware 4.3.3. This may also prevent a crash for some users with that firmware.