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iPhone Explorer 2 has arrived!

We are excited to annouce iPhone Explorer 2.0 for Windows! Major changes include:
(1) you can now access app directories (including the system files of apps)
(2) complete overhaul of UI
(3) multiple device connectivity is now allowed

This is hugely awesome for many reasons including the fact that you can now transfer files extremely quickly via USB directly into and from your apps without using iTunes. Furthermore, for the more curious, have you ever wanted to customize a video game? Well, now you can! For example, we opened up the game Field Runners, browsed around for a while and made some changes. Now I can play a level of field runners that looks like my backyard and the enemies look like my cat :-)
And btw, it's still freeware!

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.200 Released !

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.200 added several additional options to the preferences menu and added many bug fixes. Phone disk is still free until Sept 1 2010!

Phone Disk(Mac) - 1.102

Add Transfer files in ipod touch , iphone or ipad apps document folder without jailbreaked ! Fixed many bugs ! Free Until Sept. 1, 2010!!

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.106

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.106 adds various bug fixes Free Until Sept. 1, 2010!!

Phone Disk(Mac) - 1.004

Fixed many bugs ! Free Until Sept. 1, 2010!!

Adapter (Mac) - 0.906 Released !

Adapter (Mac) - 0.904 adds various bug fixes and some new features ! 1. Various bug fixes added. 2. Add converting remaining time. 3. It can seemlessly download and transfer music from youtube into itunes now.

Adapter (PC) - 0.909

Adapter 0.909 includes various features additions, bug fixes and UI updates.

Pod to PC - 3.226

Pod to PC 3.226 includes various bug fixes and UI updates.

RSS Feed URL change

Please note that our RSS feed recently moved to from its previous location (

Pod to PC - 3.225

Pod to PC 3.225 includes a bug fix for devices with a null photo database.