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Pod to PC Holiday 5-Pack Sale

The myPod Apps Development Team is proud to bring back the Pod to PC Holiday 5-Pack Sale. For $29.95 you get 5 registration keys to share with friends, family members or coworkers. They make great stocking stuffers!!

Blackra1n / iPhone Explorer issue resolved

If you want to access the "real" root using iPhone Explorer and you have jail broken your iPhone using Blackra1n you must download and install "afc2add" from Cydia. This will then resolve the issue. Thank you Pablo S. for the tip.

iPhone Apps in the "App Store" with USB transfer will very soon become extinct

A few short months ago we set out on a mission to bring USB transfer to the iPhone apps in the App Store. Having brought USB transfer support to dozens of apps, and then watching many of these apps top the charts throughout the App Store, it is clear that we succeeded. It is now with great sadness and disappointment that I bring you the news that our USB transfer support for these App Store apps will soon end. We have recently discovered that our current means by which we enable iPhone apps to gain USB access puts these apps in violation of the App Store rules. To avoid the boot, over the course of the next several days, App Store apps with USB access may release updates that remove this privilege. If you currently own an app with USB transfer, and USB transfer is important to you, then we strongly suggest that you use caution the next time that you see an update available for that app. If you do not currently own an app with USB access, now would be a great time to consider buying one of these as they may soon make your iPhone a collector's item. Additionally, in the upcoming days we will be modifying our website to reflect these changes and, as such, the app integration pages will be disappearing. Also, for clarity, myPod Apps does not have any programs itself in the App Store so all of our software (including iPhone Explorer) will remain essentially unchanged. If you are iPhone App developer who just submitted an update, and you see a orange/yellow dot next to your app's status, with the message "Waiting for Export Compliance" this may be a result of the newly apparently stance on USB transfer. If you have any other general or specific questions pertaining to this issue please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Congrats to Comic Zeal!

Comic Zeal by Bitolithic made it into the "What's Hot" listing on the front page of iTunes! With 80,000 apps and Good Reader being listed last week as "What's Hot"... Does this pattern suggest something about the value of adding USB transfer into an app?

Congrats to GoodiWare

Good Reader has now been listed as "What's Hot" in the iTunes App Store's front page. Additionally, the app has climbed to #1 in productivity and it is in the top #50 and climbing overall. It must be the new icon ;-)

iPhone Explorer (PC) version 0.973

The new release of iPhone Explorer now includes app support for the following iPhone Apps: Good Reader, Comic Zeal, Air Sharing, ezShare, Image Viewer, iRec, Stanza, Mobile Noter, Image Viewer, ServersMan, Noise IO, BtBx, iTouch Midi, iDownload, Notebooks, iSpend, iKaraoke, Power Keys.

iPhone Explorer (Mac) 1.181

Support for the apps ComicZeal, iDownload, iTouch Midi, Image Viewer, Notebooks and Mobile Noter has been added

iPhone Explorer App Integration Pages

With the release of the updated version of iPhone Explorer comes the creation of our new app integration pages. While there are currently 8 apps listed, more are coming and some of the apps themselves still require updating on behalf of the iPhone App developers before they can fully take advantage of the USB support. It takes about 2 weeks before updates are approved for apps in the App store, so for some of these apps it may be 2-3 weeks before they are fully USB compatible. To use USB syncing with an app in iPhone Explorer, go the the "Change Root" menu, then select "Edit" next to a custom root that you want to change.

Pod Photo Transfer - Site Redesigned

We are delighted to finally have a chance to post Juliano Aguiar's graphic design masterpiece! Check out the newly designed website There are additional updates for the iPhone 3.1 firmware that will be released for the software Pod Photo Transfer soon. If you would like to post feedback about the new design, please do so here.

User and Publication Reviews Page Added

We have added a review posting board to the website. The page is to be used for posting both users reviews (written by anyone) and publication reviews (written by blogs and such). If you have used a myPod Apps product and enjoyed it please visit our new review page and write a brief comment about it. The current webpage for the reviews is Soon this will be available from all the myPod Apps domains. We have listed some publications there already (some minor edits need to be made to these and many more will come).