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iPhone Explorer PC, Mac and Website updates

The iPhone Explorer updates which introduce app "syncing" are finally here for both Mac and PC. The version number issue (discussed in the last two posts) has finally been resolved, so this time the Windows progam when downloaded will be the updated version. If you use "Black Rain" to jailbreak your iPhones with 3.1 firmware - please be patient. Apparently you do will not yet have "real root" access in iPhone Explorer with this update. We hope to have this resolved soon. The site and logos have also been 100% redesigned. Please send feedback to [email protected].

iPhone Explorer 0.97 (PC) - Correction

We inadvertantly uploaded the wrong release of iPhone Explorer yesterday. The real 0.97 release is now available and is marked as version 0.971 on the iphone explorer download page. For a sneak preview (it's a work in progress) of the new home page, please visit The new page is not yet compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0, but it should work fine for all other browsers.

iPhone Explorer 0.97 (PC) - Introduces iPhone App Syncing

This major update to iPhone Explorer is the first in a series designed to bring easy file syncing through USB to iPhone apps. iPhone Explorer (PC) now readily works with 9 iPhone apps available in the iTunes App Store. Additionally, there have been significant changes to the user interface and we have also added the ability to view the date or time a file was modified. These updates will come soon for the mac version and check back shortly for a completely redeigned iPhone Explorer home page.

GooodReaderUSB 1.0 Release for Mac and PC

After assiting with the development of iPhone Explorer, the lead developer of has created a USB interface designed specifically to work with Good Reader. GoodReaderUSB was created from the ground up and designed with rock-solid performance and reliability in mind. The Mac version features OSX 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 compatibility. The Windows version includes is a single file executible (no install required) and implements beaultify Win32 programming. The Windows verison is compatible with all major releases of Windows. Both Mac and PC versions are 100 percent freeware and avaiable for download from the Good Reader App page on ( Since the recent release of Good Reader version 2.3, the Good Reader app itself has ranked 1 overall in the Japan App Store, as well as in the top 10 in many other countries.

Pod to PC 3.085

Various bug fixes have been added to improve software stability.

Servers Upgraded - E-mail changed

After spending a year on a shared server, the time came for a serious webserver upgrade. Over the course of the last 48 hours we have been working tirelessly to make this happen and we would like to now welcome you to our ultra fast Virtual Private Server on Slicehost.Please note, if you have e-mailed [email protected], and haven't heard back, that is because that e-mail is no longer active. Please resend your questions or comments to the new one, [email protected] Apps would also like to extend a huge thank you to Anton Webber ( for hugely helping us out with this transition.

Pod to Mac 3.05

Pod to Mac 3.05 adds fixes to allow for normal iPods (the non-iphone-type) to transfer properly after being synchronized with iTunes 9. Additional bug fixes have been added.

Pod to PC 3.08

Pod to PC 3.08 adds fixes to allow for normal iPods (the non-iphone-type) to transfer properly after being syncronized with iTunes 9.

Server Downtime

The myPod Apps sites are upgrading to high speed servers beginning at 2AM EST. The planned downtime is roughly 4 hours. This means the server IP address will change, the site traffic capacity significantly increase and there will be some issues receiving e-mails.

Dear Apple, is that all you got?

iTunes 9.0, released Wednesday, successfully blocked the hacks used to access the iPhone and iPod Touch in Windows. But 1 day later, myPod Apps is back up and fully functional. Updates to Pod to PC, Pod Photo Transfer, meta-iPod and iPhone Explorer (PC), were all made and these programs now work just fine with iTunes 9 and the new iPhone/iTouch 3.1 firmware.