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Pod to Mac 3.05

Pod to Mac 3.05 adds fixes to allow for normal iPods (the non-iphone-type) to transfer properly after being synchronized with iTunes 9. Additional bug fixes have been added.

Pod to PC 3.08

Pod to PC 3.08 adds fixes to allow for normal iPods (the non-iphone-type) to transfer properly after being syncronized with iTunes 9.

Server Downtime

The myPod Apps sites are upgrading to high speed servers beginning at 2AM EST. The planned downtime is roughly 4 hours. This means the server IP address will change, the site traffic capacity significantly increase and there will be some issues receiving e-mails.

Dear Apple, is that all you got?

iTunes 9.0, released Wednesday, successfully blocked the hacks used to access the iPhone and iPod Touch in Windows. But 1 day later, myPod Apps is back up and fully functional. Updates to Pod to PC, Pod Photo Transfer, meta-iPod and iPhone Explorer (PC), were all made and these programs now work just fine with iTunes 9 and the new iPhone/iTouch 3.1 firmware.

A Weekend of Updates

While nothing ground-breaking was done this weekend, tons of updates were made: --Pod to PC 3.05 - Several modications enahancing overall program stability were added. Minor UI updates were also made. --Pod to Mac 3.03 - A UI update was made allowing Pod to Mac to now look prettier on computers running Snow Lepoard. --iPhone Explorer Mac and PC - general stability updates were made --meta-iPod - The status of meta-iPod as freeware has now been clarified by hiding the two non-free features.

iPhone Explorer (Mac) 1.11 - major revision

New features include: Image, audio and video auto-previewing. Root directory selection has been added. Bookmarks have been added. A disk capacity indicator has been added. The icon has been slightly modified. Several other bug fixes have been implemented.

iPhone Explorer (PC) 0.94

The icons in the windows version of iPhone Explorer now display the appropriate icon for the file type being shown. Several other bug fixes have been added.

Pod to Mac 3.02

In Pod to Mac 3.02 numerous bugs have been fixed and several features have been added. Highlights include: (1) Automatic disk-mode hijacking, a feature which switches iPods into disk mode as soon as they are connected to the computer so users can avoid the dangerous "Sync" steps in iTunes typically required to enable disk mode. (2) real-time iPod unloading has been added and now lets you swap between multiple iPods without having to restart the program (this feature existed before for iPhones, but now works on all iPods). (3) A bug causing tracks to transfer as read-only has been resolved and now playcounts and more are being recovered 100% of the time (in internal tests). (4) Several other bug fixes have been added.

Good Reader 80% off sale

Good Reader, the iPhone File viewer that integrates with iPhone Explorer, will be on sale for $0.99 (normally it is $4.99) for 72 hours. The App is one of the highest user rated apps in the App Store. You can use it to look at subway or travel maps, eBooks, mp3s, videos, .doc, .xls, huge PDFs, .ppt and many more file types. The sale starts today at 7pm EST.

iPhone Explorer (PC) 0.93

Major updates have been added to the windows version of iPhone Explorer. These updates include improved GUI, directory bookmarking, root-directory selecting and more.