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iPhone Explorer (Mac) 1.10

Version 1.10 reveals many major changes to the program. Changes include adding automatic updates (with Sparkle framework), significant user interface redesign (including file and folder icons), prompts added for deleting and overwriting files, faster folder opening speeds and many other bug fixes.

iPhone Explorer (PC) 0.9b

iPhone Explorer 0.9 introduces a file preview feature allowing users to view images, audio and more before the files are transferred. The software now works with foreign characters used in the Russian, Chinese and other alphabets. A capacity bar now indicates how much free space is available on your iPhone. Miscellaneous bug fixes have also been added.

Pod to PC 3.03

A bug preventing iPhone and iTouch total capacity and free space has now been fixed. Track previews will now play the next track in the playlist when the previous track ends allowing continuous playback.

Pod Photo Transfer 3.01

Numerous bug fixes have been added and the program should now run noticably smoother for all users. A bug preventing some iPhones with 3.0 firmware has been resolved. For non-iPhone/iTouch type iPods, additional checks to confirm that these iPods are in disk mode. Bug fixes with the transfer status window have been also implemented.

Pod to Mac Instruction and Walkthrough Created

In response to user feedback, we've gone ahead and posted a very detailed tutorial on how to use Pod to Mac and how to put your iPod into disk mode.

iPhone Explorer (PC) 0.8b

iPhone Explorer 0.8 (beta) is finally here and brings the needed bug fixes to get iPhone Explorer up and running incredibly smoothly. New features include the ability to create new folders, rename files and folders and delete files and folders. A progress bar has been added with a cancel transfer feature. A new root directory selection feature lets users quickly access content within specified directories on the iPhone. This new directory selection feature works well to integrate iPhone Explorer into exisiting App Store apps such as Good Reader and the music apps using ioLibrary.

Pod to Mac 3.01

Track preview features have been added. "Continuous Play" and "Shuffle" modes are now available. Additionally, the 'Now Playing' title in the top center of the App can be clicked to see which playlist is being played. If you have any difficulties with the track previews not functioning properly, then check your Apple's System Preferences for Perian (an application that interacts with quicktime). If you are using an older release of Perian, than it may cause issues with the track previews so please make sure it's up to date.

iPhone Explorer Mac and PC Updated

The PC Version has been completely overhauled and released from Alpha to Beta! It should deploy properly and work great on most windows machines with all iPhones. The Mac version of iPhone Explorer has been updated to version 1.06b. Now if you are using a jailbreaked iPhone you will have access to the entire file structure of the iPhone. This means that you can recover your contacts/address book, e-mails, SMSs and pretty much anything that is stored on the iPhone.

meta-iPod 1.6

meta-iPod is now compatible with the iPhone & iTouch 3.0 firmware. Artist Juliano Aguilar has updaetd all of the graphics in the software. The program is still freeware, however, its track transfer features (2 of the program's 9 features) are only unlocked when Pod to PC is registered.

Pod Photo Transfer 3.0

Pod Photo Transfer is now compatible with the iPhone & iTouch 3.0 firmware. The program is still 100% free.