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iExplorer for Mac November 17, 2017 — Version 4.1.10

Bug Fix Various bug fixes

iExplorer for Mac November 16, 2017 — Version 4.1.9

Bug Fix Fixed issue that could cause iExplorer to crash when opening the Photos section

iExplorer for Mac November 14, 2017 — Version 4.1.8

Feature We overhauled the photos section and added photo groupings by moment, person, album and item type

Feature iTunes Backups now have a photos section allowing photo recovery from backups

iExplorer for Mac November 07, 2017 — Version 4.1.7

Bug Fix Fixes disk mounting issues in macOS High Sierra

iExplorer for Mac November 02, 2017 — Version 4.1.6

Bug Fix Fixes issue that could cause some Messages image attachments to not appear.

iExplorer for Mac October 19, 2017 — Version 4.1.5

Bug Fix Fixed bug that caused archived backups to not appear in the backup browser.

iExplorer for Mac October 12, 2017 — Version 4.1.4

Improvement Improved loading, searching and exporting of Messages

iExplorer for Windows September 27, 2017 — Version 4.1.9

Bug Fix Fixed disk mounting issue that could prevent app folders from auto-mounting.

iExplorer for Windows September 11, 2017 — Version 4.1.8

Improvement iOS 11 compatibility

iExplorer for Mac September 11, 2017 — Version 4.1.3

Improvement iOS 11 compatibility