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Macroplant Blog

iExplorer for Windows March 13, 2017 — Version 4.1.0

Feature User interface largely updated. Includes: layout, color scheme, buttons, modals windows, prefs panel, and icons.

Feature User actions (eg: file transfers) more accurately display their activity and can now be cancelled.

Feature Messages now supports color emojis.

Bug Fix Backend code largely overhauled. Many misc. bugs fixed..

Feature Loading performance largely improved for loading backup features such as messages, contacts, voicemail.

Feature Calendar interface completely reworked. Vastly improved.

Feature Messages PDF exporting improved (bug fixes + improved performance).

Feature Message now support for stickers.

Feature Improved organization of "AppDomain" and "AppDomainGroup" in the Backup Explorer section.

Macroplant Website version 2.0

Please welcome to our brand new, Ruby on Rails powered, website! Back in 2008, we launched Macroplant and since then we've been updating our Mac and Windows apps with the latest frameworks, but website had fallen behind. Having spent the last three years creating (which now ranks as a top 1,000 most popular website in the US), we decided to apply what we learned to overhaul our site.

We made over 1000 commits to make this new website live, and the biggest advantages of the new site are things like maintainability, scalability and ease of creating and managing data integrations. For now, only notice the tip of the iceberg is readily noticeable and includes improvements like:

  • iExplorer 4 Upgrade Discounts Improved database integration allowing us to easily offer iExplorer 4 upgrade discounts for existing users. Bought iExplorer 3? Get your iExplorer 4 upgrade discount here.
  • Integrated Release Notes We can now display our release notes where, when and how we want them, even easily integrating them into our apps. Additionally publishing updates takes less time than ever before for us so we can get more done even quicker going forward.

iExplorer for Windows December 20, 2016 — Version 4.0.4

Feature iOS 10.2 backup decryption support added

iExplorer for Mac December 20, 2016 — Version 4.0.11

Feature iOS 10.2 backup decryption support added

iOS 10.2 Support Added to iExplorer

We’ve just released iExplorer for Mac version 4.0.11 and iExplorer for PC verion 4.0.4.  

With the recent release of iOS 10.2, Apple introduced significant enhancements to device backup encryption.  These iExplorer releases resolve compatibility issues associated with the iOS 10.2 changes and add full support for devices running iOS 10.2.

Bulk Device USB Transfer for Windows December 13, 2016 — Version 1.0.8

No details available for this release

iExplorer for Windows October 07, 2016 — Version 4.0.3

Improvement iOS 10.1 compatibility

iExplorer for Mac October 06, 2016 — Version 4.0.10

Bug Fix Various bug fixes

Improvement iOS 10.1 compatibility

iExplorer for Mac September 21, 2016 — Version 4.0.9

Bug Fix Fixes issue with automatic disk mounting

iExplorer for Mac September 20, 2016 — Version 4.0.8

Bug Fix Various bug fixes