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Updated for iOS 8.3:  iExplorer, Sharepod and iBrowse

iOS 8.3 has arrived and we’ve updated our apps to work with it. The new iOS 8.3 compatible versions are iExplorer v3.7.0, Sharepod v4.0.3, and iBrowse v1.0.3.  These updates are 100% free for existing users and can be either downloaded from our site or installed automatically through the apps.

iExplorer for Windows April 09, 2015 — Version 3.7.0

Improvement iOS 8.3 Compatibility

Improvement Performance improvements

iExplorer for Windows February 02, 2015 — Version 3.6.7

Improvement iTunes 12.1 compatiblity

Improvement UI improvements

iExplorer for Windows January 09, 2015 — Version 3.9.11

No details available for this release

iExplorer for Mac January 09, 2015 — Version 3.9.14

No details available for this release

iExplorer for Mac January 03, 2015 — Version 3.9.0

No details available for this release

iExplorer for Windows January 02, 2015 — Version 3.6.4

Improvement Improved accessibility support

Improvement Safari History: bug fixes and display improvements

Improvement Fixes issue that could prevent Media Library from loading

iExplorer 3.6 Updated for OS X Yosemite and Windows

We just released new updates for both iExplorer for Mac and iExplorer for Windows.

New and Improved UI
iExplorer 3.6 features a new look and a cleaner user interface making it easier than ever to access everything on your iPhone and iPad. iExplorer for Mac takes advantage of the new UI capabilities of OS X Yosemite and looks right at home.

Contacts Improvements
In addition to dozens of other improvements on both Windows and Mac, iExplorer for Windows now exports contacts to CSV so you can import them to Gmail, Yahoo Mail or virtually anywhere else. The Contacts Manager has been updated to more closely match the iOS 8 Contacts app making it easier to find the contacts you’re looking for.

Text Message Emoji
Just like iExplorer for Mac, iExplorer for Windows text message PDF export now handles emoji.

Existing iExplorer 3 users can upgrade to iExplorer 3.6 for free. As always, the demo version is available as a free download.

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iExplorer for Windows December 08, 2014 — Version 3.6.0

Improvement Improved UI and appearance

Improvement Fixes issue that could cause iPod media library to not load

iExplorer for Windows November 25, 2014 — Version

Improvement Contacts CSV Export

Improvement Improved Contacts display

Improvement Various bug fixes and stability improvements