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Macroplant Blog

Introducing Dupe Away 3.0!

The all new Dupe Away has arrived for both Mac and PC. This tiny app packs some powerful tools for cleaning your iTunes library. Your duplicate files, tracks with invalid file references and playlists can be instantly analyzed and cleaned up with this app. Additionally, we've added in a brand new tool for detecting and cleaning abandoned tracks (music files in your music folder that aren't in iTunes). Within seconds the new Dupe Away can improve your iTunes listening experience and save you valuable gigabytes of disk space from your computer. Best of all, you can try it and analyze your iTunes library absolutely risk free.

iExplorer 3.2 for Mac and PC Released!

iExplorer 3.2 is the largest update to iExplorer since version 3.0! We added tons of new features and improvements including-

  • New and easier to use device home screen with category filters.
  • Updated and improved app icon.
  • A Documents folder which offers users a safe place to store their documents without having to worry about damaging device system files.
  • A home screen link to the Awesome Files documents directory to allow easy access for file storage on the device where those files can be viewed on the go.
  • Intelligent backup decoding, now does not bug you to make a new backup if the backup is less than 24 hours old. You can also now refresh the backup manually from its right-click menu.
  • Messages (SMS) viewing updates include new sorting columns such that you can now sort by contact name, most recent message date and even total messages in the conversation. Various message related back-end fixes, exporting fixes and other improvements and have been made as well.
  • Auto-Transfer (recover everything to iTunes) includes various UI updates and bug fixes.
  • A disk mounting bug that prevented certain devices with international or special characters in their name from being mounted has been resolved.
  • A Windows 8 disk mounting bug has been resolved.
  • Many other bug fixes and updates.

iExplorer (Mac) - 3.1 - Retina and iOS 6 ready!

iExplorer for Mac, version 3.1 has just been released. We've updated our graphics to take advantage of Apple's new Retina displays. We've also included support for iOS 6 databases and backups. Once that's released, iExplorer will already be good to go. We've also made performance, stability, and user-friendly improvements across the board, so be sure to grab the update!

Adapter (Mac) 1.4.3 - Removal of Downloader

We are sorry to say to all Adapter fans that due to recent Adobe Flash updates (11.4), the Downloader functionality has become too limited to continue supporting at this time. For now, if you would like to continue using Downloader functions (HD videos still work nicely), do not download the latest Adapter update. Rest assured, all conversion functionality remains unchanged.

iExplorer (Mac) 3.0.2 and (PC)

iExplorer (both Mac and PC) has been updated with various bug fixes.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion - Gatekeeper Updates

All our Mac applications have been updated with Macroplant developer IDs to comply with Apple's 10.8 Mountain Lion Gatekeeper security features. Contact our support team if you encounter any issues.

iExplorer 3 Has Arrived!

We combined and improved the most important features from all of our most popular apps to bring you the ultimate iPhone, iPod and iPad manager. Now with music library access, versatile disk mounting, app directory browsing, SMS archiving and much more, please welcome the all new iExplorer 3.

With the new iExplorer 3, you get all the features of Phone to PC/Phone to Mac ($25), Phone Disk ($20) plus a whole lot more for the low price of just $35. And, during the next two weeks only, you can get it for even less with our 10%-off discount for the product's 3.0 launch.

If you're upgrading from iExplorer 2, please don't be alarmed by the transition of the app to shareware. If you're just interested in just the basic file system browsing (the features from iExplorer 2), those features have been improved in the new iExplorer and can still be used for free in demo mode.

iExplorer 3 is compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPods and even works with the new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Windows 7.

Awesome Files - Free for a Day!

On Friday July 20 only, and for the first time in its history, we're giving away our 4.5 star rated iOS app, Awesome Files, for free. No catch, just free. Normally it costs $4.99. And stay tuned because something way bigger is about to appear on in the next few days.

Adapter (Mac) - 1.4.1

Adapter (Mac) 1.4.1 includes the following improvements:

  • adding source files to the batch queue is now much faster
  • fixed some issues related to ringtone generation

Phone to Mac - 4.4.2

Version 4.4.2 of Phone to Mac fixes some bugs with multiple devices being connected. Some folks reported issues with loading their iTunes databases; this has be fixed as well.