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A Drove of Recent Updates

In the past few weeks we've seen Apple release iTunes 10.5, iOS 5 and the new iPhone 4S. Not long before those updates, they also released OS X 10.7, Lion. So basically, they changed everything. Not surprisingly, these changes put a few kinks in some of our programs while we scrambled to update them. Now, we're happy to report, after tons of updates across the board, everything is back on track and all of our programs should now work with Apple's recent drove of updates.

With that said, please make sure you're using the most recent version of our programs. All of our programs have auto-updaters built-in, but looking at the crash reports that have been submitted lately, it seems some of you may be skipping these updates and thus stuck using a version that is incompatible with Apple's recent changes. Please make sure you're up to date. If you're not sure, then please redownload the program from our webpage and reinstall it.

Here is the list of our programs for which our recent updates are most important.

Phone to Mac -

The newest version of Phone to Mac now supports parsing iTunes backups from iOS 5 devices. Stay tuned for even more updates and optimizations in support of Apple's latest iDevice.

iOS 5 Compatibility Added to Phone to Mac/PC

Phone to Mac 4.3 and Phone to PC 4.1 are major updates which add compatibility for music and video transfer to the newly released iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S.

Additional iOS 5 related updates are coming soon.

iOS 5 Update

There are some significant changes to the iOS 5 music databases. We are working currently working to update Phone to PC and Phone to Mac as fast as possible to work with the new databases. We hope to release these updates later today or tomorrow. You can get an e-mail notification of the new updates by subscribing to our rss feed here.


Release brings the following: -- updated media plug-ins -- more supported formats for media preview -- preliminary support for Matroska video output -- miscellaneous bug fixes

iExplorer (Mac) and Phone to Mac

Todays updates to iExplorer (Mac) and Phone to Mac restore functionality for OSX 10.5 users.

Pod to Mac and Pod to PC renamed.

For legal reasons, our blockbuster programs, Pod to Mac and Pod to PC, have been renamed to "Phone to Mac" and "Phone to PC." If you use Facebook, Twitter, etc... please help us spread these new names around from the share buttons on the program pages.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Thank you for making our company possible.

Adapter (PC) -

This release of Adapter (PC) is a complete redesign, modeled after the successful Mac 1.0+ version. Adapter now includes a web downloader to archive and convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Look for more feature additions in the coming months. Enjoy!

Phone Disk (PC) -

Stability improvements have been added to Phone Disk for when connecting to app directories.