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Iexplorermobile icon 1024x1024 icon original icon thumb Awesome Files 1.0.2 submitted to the app store!

We just wrapped up the latest version of Awesome Files. The main highlight is a new feature, "Quick Sketch."

Quick Sketch is a new feature that you can in the add menu. It allows you to easily make a line drawings upon spectacular background images. The Quick Sketch feature in Awesome Files come bundled with 8 custom made wallpapers which are great for diagrams or notes. Additionally, your can import or capture your own Quick Sketch background image to draw upon.

Another notable feature we added is password protection. You can now set a password to protect yourself from unauthorized users by activating "Require Password" from the settings menu.

We expect this update to be approved and available to the public within 2 weeks.

Dupeaway icon 512x512 icon thumb Dupe Away (Mac) v2.0.0

By request, we've taken some time to go back and add a few features to Dupe Away. In the pervious, 1.0 version of Dupe Away, you could only remove dupe files from your computer and iTunes Library. In this new 2.0.0 version, we've now added a feature to detect and remove playlist-entry type duplicates, so you're playlists will be sparkling clean once you've quickly run them thru Dupe Away.

Iexplorermobile icon 1024x1024 icon original icon thumb Awesome Files 1.0.1

Awesome Files 1.0.1 is now available in the app store. Version 1.0.2 is well underway and should be available in the next few weeks.

Macroplant logo icon thumb itDJ - Initial Release!!

We started this project over a year and a half ago. Today, after thousands of hours of coding, we are excited to announce "itDJ" - the ultimate DJ utility for your Mac. itDJ seamlessly integrates with your iTunes music library and playlists, offering endless enhancements to the music you already enjoy.

Our initial release, version 0.9.0, includes special effects, cues, loops, beat-remixers, beat players, audio clip pads, synthesizers, beat-matching, and loads more. With all this, not only is itDJ one of the most versatile and powerful DJ programs, but it's also the cheapest. itDJ is 100% freeware!

Learn more at Have questions, comments or feedback, e-mail

Iexplorermobile icon 1024x1024 icon original icon thumb FAQs added for Awesome Files

We added an FAQs page today for Awesome Files. Check it out here.

Iexplorermobile icon 1024x1024 icon original icon thumb Awesome Files v1.0.1 submitted to the app store

We just wrapped up our updates for the next version of Awesome Files and moments ago submitted it to the App Store. We expect it to be approved and publicly available in about two weeks.

Remote server connections for:
-Google Docs
-Mobile Me
-Custom WebDAV servers

Custom Backgrounds
-9 unique and original custom backgrounds have been added
-You can use these awesome backgrounds in Awesome Files or export it to your device's home

Additional options in the settings menu

Bug fixes have been added which should resolve problems with deleting files, unzipping files, e-mailing files and more.

A new and improved icon set presents your files in an authentic iOS style and feel.

Macroplant logo icon thumb iPhone Explorer (PC) v2.101

The latest release of iPhone Explorer for Windows includes minor UI updates and bug fixes.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb iPhone Explorer 2.007 for Mac

This update to iPhone Explorer includes a new button which allows users to instantly access their Awesome Files file box.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.683

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.683 includes some bug fixed.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk (PC) - 1.102

Phone Disk 1.102 for Windows has been updated to include minor bug fixes.