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itDJ (Mac) 0.9.2 (Beta-Release)

Even more great improvements: - Big improvement to CPU usage - Plenty of bugs fixed - The current queue is remembered when you start again - More options in the menu bar - Some improvement to the Auto-DJ

Pod to PC - v4.012

Pod to PC version 4.012 add support for images in iOS firmware 4.3.3. This may also prevent a crash for some users with that firmware.

Pod to Mac v4.1.1.4

Photo thumbnail support added for the latest iOS firmwares. Additionally, the icon showing what the connected device looks like is now accurate for non-iOS devices.

Pod to Mac - v4.1.1.3

Pod to Mac fixes a bug which may have prevented SMSs from loading in some instances and also restores playlist support for some non-iOS devices (such as iPod Classics).

Pod to PC v4.011

Pod to PC version 4.011 includes various bug fixes and adds additional compatibility to the picture transfers.

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.700

Phone Disk 1.700 includes our new crash reporter framework and minor other bug fixes.

Pod to Mac - 4.1.1

Pod to Mac 4.1.1 adds support for additional photo types found on iOS devices. Various other minor bugs were fixed and photos now export as .jpgs instead of .tiffs.

Awesome Files v1.0.3 submitted!

We just finished up Awesome Files 1.0.3 and submitted it to the app store. Updates include:
-Full-screen PDF and Quick Sketch viewing has been added.
-A cancel button has been added to file downloads.
-Photos can now be imported in bulk.
-Videos can be imported and recorded.
-Various bug fixes and minor UI updates.

itDJ (Mac) 0.9.1 (Beta-release)

The next increment toward itDJ 1.0 is up. Check it out: - New Beat Machine. Lay down your own rhythms for 8 different percussion instruments, all keeping beat with everything else. Season with a couple Loops; add party; repeat as desired. - New crash reporter. If it crashes, run again, and a window will give you a chance to let us know what happened. In addition, the line of code that crashed will be automatically included, something which goes miles in finding and squashing bugs. - To help you manage memory, you can choose to limit the size of tracks that are loaded. Just check out the Preferences menu. - Various bug fixes. - Some legal information in the About window.

iPhone Explorer (Mac) - 2.1.0

iPhone Explorer 2.1.0 includes our new crash reporter framework, minor UI updates and minor other bug fixes.