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Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.625

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.625 includes a minor bug fix.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.623

PhoneDisk (Mac) 1.623 adds various bug fixes, and we make some UI changes. also, you can get many cool information about your iPhone, iPod or iPad devices now. Additionally, you can reset you settings to default too.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Pod to PC - 4.001

Pod to PC 4.001 includes a minor bug fix.

Since version 4.000, the DCIM images on your device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), can now also be accessed using Pod to PC.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Pod to PC 4.000

We're delighted to announce the arrival of Pod to PC 4.000 which includes major updates to the previous versions.

Pod to PC 4.0 includes a brand new backup explorer feature which allows users to browse the entire contents of any iPhone, iTouch or iPad backup. Furthermore, we have built in custom views which enable the users to easily navigate and/or recover voicemails, address book contacts, call histories, notes, SMSs, web bookmarks and much more.

Additionally, we have made major user interface improvements and various bug fixes.

Dupeaway icon 512x512 icon thumb Dupe Away - 1.004

Dupe Away 1.004 includes various bug fixes.

Macroplant logo icon thumb PhoneDisk (PC) 1.009

PhoneDisk (PC) 1.009 includes bug fixes, which solves the crashes on Windows 7 64bit systems.

Macroplant logo icon thumb PhoneDisk (PC) - 1.008

PhoneDisk (PC) - 1.008 includes bug fixes which fixed Runtime Error (at 11:311) during installation.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk 1.326 Released !

Phone Disk 1.326 includes various bug fixes added, remember last mount connection root and 64bit kernels os support!

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk(PC) - 1.007

Phone Disk(PC) 1.007 includes crash fixes while adding custom app bundles.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb iPhone Explorer - (Mac) 2.004

Fixed a bug with the scroll bar.