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The stress test is great. They're write interesting stuff, they've got a huge following and they're one of the most respected blogs in the world . Around April last year, with an article about Pod to Mac they helped us discovered that when web hosting companies say "unlimited file transfer," what they mean to say is "unlimited file transfer, just not all at once." With the visitors sent from that article, combined with our steadily growing fan base, our servers were pushed beyond "unlimited." Shortly thereafter, we upgraded to a pricey new Virtual Private Server (VPS) and this VPS handled the punches beautifully for over a year.

Last Tuesday LH and the Phone Disk fans caught our servers on fire, again. We had over 40,000 visitors, 6 hours of downtime and a bottle of Champaign to celebrate. We love our visitors and don't want to keep them waiting so this weekend we upgraded our servers again. Having effectively doubled our site's capacity (and server expenses), we're hoping that this upgrade will hold steady for the next year.

With that said, behind the scenes we're quietly working crazy hours on two awesome new programs and hopefully they will light up our servers like never seen before. Combined, we've already spent over 10,000 hours working on these secrete projects. Now we're wrapping things up so be ready in mid-December and Q1 2011 for the release of these awesome new apps.

Phone Disk (PC) - 1.100

Phone Disk 1.100 for Windows now includes access to all iPhone App directories on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device.

iPhone Explorer (PC) - 2.100

We're very happy to annouce iPhone Explorer 2.100! We've worked very hard to build in new features which now allow this program to explore all of the apps on your device!


Pod to Mac - 4.007

New version of Pod to Mac, 4.007. A couple of minor bugs were reported, and promptly fixed.

Pod to Mac - 4.006

New version of Pod to Mac, 4.006.
This includes various bug fixes, including ones that prevented some users from accessing the photos or iTunes backups.

PhoneDisk (Mac) 1.673

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.673 includes some bug fixed.

Pod to Mac - 4.001

Update to Pod to Mac includes a few bug fixes to do with looking up backups.

Pod to PC - 4.004

Pod to PC 4.004 resolves a bug which occurs on some operating systems when attempting to decode the iPhone Backup files.

Pod to Mac 4.000

We are excited to announce the release of Pod to Mac 4.0.

New features include:
iPhone backup browsing - Pod to Mac now provides access to tons more files on your device than ever before.
Expanded picture recovery - We've improved the picture transfer of Pod to Mac to now work with more devices than ever. The now the easy drag & drop picture transfer works for iPhones, iTouches, iPads, iPod Classics, iPod Videos, iPod Nano and more.

Special file access added - Using the backup features in Pod to Mac, you can easily access and recover from any iPhone, iTouch or iPad:
--Address Book & Contacts
--Call History
--Safari Bookmarks & Web History
--Calendar Events

Free upgrade for existing Pod to Mac registered users.

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.625

Phone Disk (Mac) - 1.625 includes a minor bug fix.