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Macroplant Blog

Phone Disk(Mac) - 1.300

Phone Disk(Mac) Version 1.300 adds various bug fixes, use the iPhone app rounded corners icons.

Pod to PC - 3.244

Pod to PC 3.244 improves the photo transfer feature for iOS4 devices. Images transferred will now have a much greater image resolution. Also, several UI bug fixes have been included.

IPE - Mac version 2.003

Fixed various bugs that sneaked into 2.002.

DupeAway (PC) - 1.003

DupeAway (PC) - 1.003 includes bug fixes of crashes problem.

Pod to PC - 3.243

Pod to PC 3.243 includes various bug fixes.

Phone Disk (PC) - 1.006

Phone Disk (PC) 1.006 includes bug fixes of registration code stuff

iPhone Explorer (Mac) - 2.001

iPhone Explorer (Mac) v2.001 includes a fix which allows use of the real-root directory (AFC2) with jailbroken iPhones, iPads or iTouches.

Initial release of Phone Disk (PC)!

Phone Disk (PC) version 1.003 is our initial public release of the Windows version of Phone Disk. Thru December 1st, 2010 we are giving away Phone Disk (PC) to everyone for free. Use the free registration code on the Phone Disk webpage to fully register and unlock Phone Disk (PC). Visit the Phone Disk webpage to learn more.

Phone Disk(Mac) V 1.206

Phone Disk(Mac) Version 1.206 adds various bug fixes , sort app names and UI updates.

Dupe Away (PC) - 1.002

Dupe Away 1.002 inlucdes bug fixes which should expand its compatibility with various iTunes libraries.