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Adapter (PC) - 0.901

Adapter 0.901 includes various bug fixes. A noteworthyy bug fix includes resolving an issue leading to a crash when the custom output directory was selected.

Adapter (Mac) - beta 0.803 version are now available

Adapter (Mac) - 0.803 adds various bug fixes and some new features !

Pod Photo Transfer - 3.300

Pod Photo Transfer is back and available for download on our downloads page. We've now fixed it up to work with iTunes version 9.1.

Please note, if you are looking to transfer pictures from iPod to Mac, we've previously added these feature as a free option into Pod to Mac. Furthermore, if you're a windows user looking for a comprehensive recovery solution, our iPod to PC program, Pod to PC, has most of the the Pod Photo Transfer features as well.

Adapter (PC) - 0.900 released!

Adapter 0.900 for windows includes many front and back end changes. There are many bug fixes included (particularly for Windows XP users). Additionally we have updated the code to make it more LGPL complient with some of the libraries that it impliments. Please expect to see many additional features added during the next 1-2 weeks. :-)

meta-iPod - 1.8 released

meta-iPod 1.8 includes bug fixes allowing it to work with iTunes 9.1 and later.

Dupe Away for Windows - Initial Release!

Dupe Away 1.000, the iTunes Duplicate Remover program, has now been released for Windows!! It rapidly finds dupes, similarly to its Mac counterpart. The program is shareware. In the unregistered version, you can analyze your music library for free. For only $7.99 (or even only $5 if you buy it in a combo pack), you can enable the auto-delete feature to rapidly cleanse iTunes.

Adapter - Initial Release for Mac and PC!

We are delighted to announce Adapter as the newest addition to our collection of freeware programs!

Adapter provides users with a cross platform (Mac & PC) means of converting video, images and audio files. With it's easy to use drag and drop interface, pre-select output formats, and video & image previews, Adapter makes converting files dead simple.

Please note that this is a beta-release, which means that we have many changes that we plan to add in the next couple of weeks. Suggestions are welcome! We'd love to hear from you by emailing

Learn more at

Pod to Mac - 3.303

Pod to Mac 3.303 adds various bug fixes.

Dupe Away Initial Release!!

When you spend a lot of time testing out iPod transfer software, or if you're trying to combine two music collections you can end up with with a pretty disorganized iTunes Library. When the clutter of music reaches hundreds, or thousands, of dupes, you need a program to help get rid of it - and that's what Dupe Away is. Dupe away is a small, single purpose program; it seeks and destroys duplicate tracks from iTunes. In the free download version of it users get a 100% free analysis of their library to see if they have any duplicates or tracks without locations. After the analysis, the instant delete feature can be unlocked for $7.99. Dupe away is available for Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6. It requires iTunes.

Welcome to the new site!

We've finally finished our brand new macroplant site and in the next 24-48 hours we will be entirely moving everything from to! Like the new site? Let us know by e-mailing our new e-mail address: