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Pod to Mac - 3.302

In Pod to Mac 3.302, we have once again completely overhauled the user interface. Mac users are picky about how their software looks and they undoubtably have very high standards. We have designed and built this new UI to exceed your expectations!

iTunes 9.1 Patch for Pod to PC and iPhone Explorer

This week's release of the Windows version of iTunes 9.1 brought some changes to the iPhone and iPod Touch interface. Pod to PC 3.216 & iPhone Explorer 0.992, which we just released, contain a patch to resolve issues related to these changes.

Phone Disk 1.003

The updated version of Phone Disk includes a few bug fixes but also a pretty nifty file transferring option. If you take a look at the updated preference menu, you'll now see a new option that allows for transferred images to be displayed directly in the device's picture albums. All you have to do to add an image to a picture album on the device is to copy the file into one of the sub folders within the DCIM directory.

Phone Disk 1.001

We updated & greatly simplified the installer for Phone Disk. Additionally, various bugs have been fixed.

Company name is changing to Macroplant!

Over the course of the next 30 days, we will be changing our company's name to Macroplant! You should start seeing logo and name changes across the site soon. Other than that, we're the same great group as before. :-)

The Phone Disk website has arrived!

We just got the first version of the phone disk website up! You can find it here:

Phone Disk 1.000 for Mac

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest product Phone Disk. If you like iPhone Explorer, you'll love phone disk. This software seamlessly mounts your iPhone or iPod Touch as a real disk on your Mac OSX filesystem. We'll be making the website this weekend, but you can download the binary right now! The download link is:
Phone Disk 1.000

Please Note the following points

1. There are two files in the download .zip file. Install MacFuse before you run Phone Disk.

2. We are giving away a free registration code that will be valid forever and even includes free upgrades. The only catch is that you must register the program within the next 6 months (before September 1, 2010). The registration code is as follows

3. This is version 1.000 so you can expect a bunch of updates during the month.

4. Feb 19!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! :-)

Pod Photo Transfer version 3.030

The latest release of Pod Photo Transfer should resolve a bug that some iTouch or iPhone users were encountering as a result of recent changes made Apple to the iPod databases.

iPhone Explorer 0.990 released

The latest release of iPhone Explorer focused on rewriting the drag-and-drop code for transferring files from the iPod or iPhone to the file system. We home that this resolves a bug that some Windows 7 users were having which prevented them from from successfully transferring files. If the problem presists with the new version, please e-mail us and let us know.

Pod to PC 3.213

This version improves many little things, ranging from subtle icon changes, to a redesigned splash screen to adjusting the file names of images that are transferred. The busy indicator at the bottom has had its functionality restored and the quick-reference guide has also been updated to included comments about the new picture transfer feature in Pod to PC.