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iPhone Explorer 0.990 released

The latest release of iPhone Explorer focused on rewriting the drag-and-drop code for transferring files from the iPod or iPhone to the file system. We home that this resolves a bug that some Windows 7 users were having which prevented them from from successfully transferring files. If the problem presists with the new version, please e-mail us and let us know.

Pod to PC 3.213

This version improves many little things, ranging from subtle icon changes, to a redesigned splash screen to adjusting the file names of images that are transferred. The busy indicator at the bottom has had its functionality restored and the quick-reference guide has also been updated to included comments about the new picture transfer feature in Pod to PC.

Pod to Mac - 3.205

After receiving a few more Photo Database files from Pod to Mac fans out there, we have modified our Photo Database parser again to broaden its compatibility. Various other minor changes have been made as well.

Pod to Mac - 3.204

We have been working hard on the Pod to Mac parser algorithm for the photo database. As a comment, I would like to state that technically, hacking this database is a lot tougher than the music database. In contrast to the music databases, the picture database is designed such that not only does every iPod have a unique image format, but there are even multiple image formats for the same iPod models depending on which firmware you are using.

With this release of Pod to Mac we have knocked out more bugs from the photo database parser. Additionally we streamlined the loading of the iTunes Music Library.xml file which has increased program load times by roughly 10 seconds for every 1,000 tracks you have in iTunes.

Pod to Mac - 3.203

Pod to Mac 3.203 resolves various bugs. :-)

Pod to Mac 3.202

Our previous Pod to Mac 3.201 release last week was essentially a complete rewrite of the software to make the software more scalable and polished in the long run. That 3.201 release brought with in many new features and much redesigned interface, but as with all new software there were a few new notable bugs. Our focus with this latest 3.202 release was to resolve those issues and refine the program. The most notable new feature to Pod to Mac is the picture transfer which currently supports iPhones and iTouches (support for the other models is coming soon). We have also added a greatly expanded preferences menu, category playlists, multiple device support, iPod device info display, and sortable columns and much more.

Pd to PC 3.205

Pod to PC 3.2 is a major update to Pod to PC which includes redesigning much of the back-end functionality and adding several important new features. Some of the new features introduced include picture transfer from your iPod to your computer (drag and drop enabled). Also, Pod to PC now also supports the simultaneous use of multiple iPods. For those of you who will be bringing in the new year with a new computer, there is no easier way to move your iTunes media content over than with Pod to PC.

Pod to PC 3.106

Pod to PC 3.1 introduces many new user interface features and a much improved back-end. The navigation tree now shows category playlists (ie: music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, etc...) and it distinguishes between smart playlists and user playlists. There is a new dialog window that can be displayed to reveal track details and album artwork for your music . The automatic transfer has been greatly improved and now allows for you to select which playlists to build so you can get your music library fully recovered just the way you want it.

Pod to PC Holiday 5-Pack Sale

The myPod Apps Development Team is proud to bring back the Pod to PC Holiday 5-Pack Sale. For $29.95 you get 5 registration keys to share with friends, family members or coworkers. They make great stocking stuffers!!

Blackra1n / iPhone Explorer issue resolved

If you want to access the "real" root using iPhone Explorer and you have jail broken your iPhone using Blackra1n you must download and install "afc2add" from Cydia. This will then resolve the issue. Thank you Pablo S. for the tip.