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iPhone Explorer Beta

An icon and several other fixes have been added to iPhone Explorer for Mac. Please be patient as the Pod to Mac, Pod Photo Transfer and meta-iPod updates for iPhone 3.0 firmware are comming soon.

Pod to PC 3.023

Several important bug fixes have been added.

Pod to PC 3.0

Pod to PC 3.0 has been released. This update includes:Now works with iPhone & iTouch 3.0 firmware.Transfer method is now direct-to-iTunes allowing for users to easily import playlists and files (without a .txt file).An advanced preferences menu has been created allowing users to copy their music how they want to where they want and much more.

iPhone Explorer 1.0a Launched!

iPhone Explorer, version 1.0 alpha, is now launched as brand new software available for Mac OSX 10.5. This program functions as an iPhone browser for Mac. By using a very simple drag-and-drop interface you can quickly copy files and folders to and from your iPhone as if it were a normal USB flash drive. This software is also freeware and will be updated to a beta release in a few days. You can find it for download now on

meta-iPod 1.4

General stability fixes added.License file has been updated

Pod to Mac 12

Pod to Mac is now officially out of Beta!The preferences menu has been updated with additional options. Additional track transfer bugs have been resolved.

Pod Photo Transfer 2.51

Non-jailbreaked iPhone/iTouch bug resolved.

Pod Photo Transfer 2.5

An additional problem resulting from iTunes 8.2+ has been corrected. The software can now also transfer iPhone screenshots.

meta-iPod Updated

iTunes 8.2+ compatibility has been added. Jailbreaked iPhones and iTouches should now work. Auto-track ratings have been added. Bug prevent track transfer from importing playcount has been fixed.

Pod Photo Transfer Important Updated Released

iTunes 8.2+ compatibility has been added.Jailbreaked iPhones and iTouches should now work. A bug with 64-bit system compatibility has been fixed