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meta-iPod 1.4

General stability fixes added.License file has been updated

Pod to Mac 12

Pod to Mac is now officially out of Beta!The preferences menu has been updated with additional options. Additional track transfer bugs have been resolved.

Pod Photo Transfer 2.51

Non-jailbreaked iPhone/iTouch bug resolved.

Pod Photo Transfer 2.5

An additional problem resulting from iTunes 8.2+ has been corrected. The software can now also transfer iPhone screenshots.

meta-iPod Updated

iTunes 8.2+ compatibility has been added. Jailbreaked iPhones and iTouches should now work. Auto-track ratings have been added. Bug prevent track transfer from importing playcount has been fixed.

Pod Photo Transfer Important Updated Released

iTunes 8.2+ compatibility has been added.Jailbreaked iPhones and iTouches should now work. A bug with 64-bit system compatibility has been fixed

Pod to PC Important Updated Released

iTunes 8.2+ compatibility has been added.Jailbreaked iPhones and iTouches should now work.

Pod to Mac Updated

A preferences menu has been added allowing for the users to input their own transfer file format and track destions. A hide-transferred tracks button has been created in the prefs menu. iPhones and iTouches now also display checks if their tracks are arlready in iTunes. A bug causing the program to crash mid transfer has been resolved.

meta-iPod: the iTunes Cleaner 1.0 Released!

meta-iPod: the iTunes Cleaner is the swiss-army knife of iTunes repare. With an 8 point diagnostic check, Meta-iPod easily lets you fully optimize your track data. It can update the ratings and playcounts from an iPod not synced to your iTunes or download and import album art from iPods and the internet. With improved, iPod to iTunes track and playlist transfer meta-iPod can also transfer your music directly into iTunes without a .txt file. To learn more visit the newly redesigned

Pod To Mac Update

Pod to Mac now scans existing tracks in iTunes and indicates these songs with blue checks if they appear on your iPod. If you transfer a track that already has a check by it, it will only be added to the playlist and no duplicate will be created. Multi-threading has been implimented to allow for cancellation and other interactions during file transfer. Memory management has been improved which should result in fewer crashes. The video preview window has been fixed and now displays properly. The transfer to desktop button functionality has been restored.