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Pod To Mac Update

Pod to Mac now scans existing tracks in iTunes and indicates these songs with blue checks if they appear on your iPod. If you transfer a track that already has a check by it, it will only be added to the playlist and no duplicate will be created. Multi-threading has been implimented to allow for cancellation and other interactions during file transfer. Memory management has been improved which should result in fewer crashes. The video preview window has been fixed and now displays properly. The transfer to desktop button functionality has been restored.

Large Revision of Pod To Mac

Completely redesigned user interface includes buttons and layout designed by artist Juliano Aguilar. Back-end iTunes interface code largely revised. Bug preventing tracks with certain characters from transferring has been resolved. A bug causing multiple copies of a track to appear in a playlist has been fixed. Pod to Mac is now very close to being released out of Beta. Please e-mail me with any bug's or suggestions and I will fix them ASAP, then release the non-beta version.

Pod Photo Transfer Updated

Bug fixed which prevented some iPhones & iTouches from loading properly. Icon and version numbers have been updated.

Pod To Mac Beta 7 Released

Automatic updates have been integrated into Pod to Mac. A bug causing the transfer to stop upon reaching a blank 'Artist' field has been resolved. 'Transfer to Desktop' now also displays the transfer status bar.

Pod to Mac Version Beta 6.1

The Automatic Transfer button has now been created and is fully function in Pod to Mac.  This button will transfer all for your music, then all of your playlists so you can rebuild your entire iTunes library with the click of a button. Music is now also transferred to the directory Documents/Pod to Mac Transfers

Pod to Mac Beta v5 Released

A bug preventing some non-iPhone iPods from loading has been fixed in Pod to Mac.

Pod to Mac Beta v4 Released

Pod To Mac Beta Version 4 has now been released!  New features include: "Transfer to Desktop" - This button allows users to transfer files to their computer without using iTunes.  This may be especially helpful in cases where iTunes was previously interfering with the transfer. Updated iTunes interface code may prevent some previous bugs from occurring.

Pod Photo Transfer 2.1 - Now Freeware!

Pod Photo Transfer 2.1 has been released.  It now supports an additional TV-output format (if your images were being decoded improperly before, this has been fixed).  The latest version is now 100% freeware!

Pod to PC Updated

The Pod to PC program itself has now had its icon updated.  First time users may also find the program slightly less confusing as the progam's language selection pop-ups have been adjusted. The FAQs section has also been updated.

Dynamic RSS Added to Homepage

The RSS feed has now been dynamically linked to the Pod to PC home page.  During the rest of the week, equivilent updates on the other myPod Apps pages will be made too. Why is this important?  It will take me significantly less time to post an updated and there for I can spend more time writing apps.