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The To-Do List

There are a bunch of apps that I have planned.  To learn more, click on this article's title. Pod Photo Transfer (Windows only) Pod to Mac Pod to PC Pod Playlist Builder (Mac/Win) Meta-Pod Recovery (Mac/Win) iPod-to-iPod Transfer (Mac/Win) Pod Video Converter

RSS Feed Created

Due to rapidly increasing requests, I have now created an RSS feed to provide users with software updates as they become available. This RSS will be updated when significant changes to software are made, new software is released or other important announcements need to be made.

Pod Photo Transfer Website Updated

Homepage remade, about page created, support page created and more!

Pod Photo Transfer 2.0 released

-->iPhones and iPod Touches are now supported. -->iPhone DCIM image database support has been added. -->640x480 sized images from iPod Classes and iPod Nanos can now be decoded. -->Graphics & icons have been updated.

itDJ (Mac) 0.9.5 (Beta-Release)

Big addition: Playback Recorder. It's under Tools in the menu bar. Set the file name, choose a sample rate, and hit record. You can also have it automatically stop after a given number of minutes, or choose to have it split into multiple files. Currently supports wav, aac, ogg, and flac (mp3, m4a, etc. coming soon). About a 20% reduction in CPU usage. "Beat" button. If you aren't happy with the automatically detected beat marks for a track, then start it playing. Tap the Beat button to each beat (quarter notes, eighth notes, whatever works for you), and the whole track's beats will be updated to match. Some visual improvements. Pan knob (next to the hi/mid/lo knobs). Several bugs fixed, including a few crash bugs.

itDJ (Mac) 0.9.4 (Beta-Release)

Another step towards itDJ 1.0. Big addition here: Snippit Maker! Go to Tools->Snippit Maker. Drag tracks from your library, set effects, the select and grab a piece (or two or 100). Play around with the options. When you're done, you can save as a WAV, OGG, or FLAC (MP3 etc. support coming soon). By the way, this is one of those things that will see many, many improvements over time, both before and after 1.0, so send your comments our way. Also, beat positions are saved after the first time, so tracks will finish reloading much faster.