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iExplorer for Windows July 06, 2015 — Version 3.7.7

Improvement Fixes an issue that could prevent tracks from transferring to iTunes.

Improvement Fixes an issue that could prevent tracks from displaying status in Media Library.

Improvement iTunes 12.2 compatibility

iExplorer for Windows June 15, 2015 — Version 3.7.6

Improvement Fixes an issue that could prevent voice memos from being accessed through the Media Library

iExplorer for Windows June 04, 2015 — Version

Improvement iOS 8.4 compatibility

Iexplorer4 icon thumb iExplorer (Mac) 3.7 adds direct exporting to Apple’s new “Photos” app

In iExplorer 3.7.4 for Mac, we’ve added direct photo and photo album exporting from your iPhone or iPad to the newly released “Photos” app on your Mac.

iExplorer for Windows May 13, 2015 — Version 3.7.4

Improvement Fixes an issue that could prevent access to mounted app folders

Improvement UI improvements

iExplorer for Windows April 14, 2015 — Version 3.7.3

Improvement iOS 8.3 compatibility - allows read/write access to Documents folder in apps that have iTunes file sharing enabled

iExplorer for Windows April 13, 2015 — Version 3.7.1

Improvement Fixes an issue that prevented photo albums from loading on devices with iOS 8.3

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Updated for iOS 8.3:  iExplorer, Sharepod and iBrowse

iOS 8.3 has arrived and we’ve updated our apps to work with it. The new iOS 8.3 compatible versions are iExplorer v3.7.0, Sharepod v4.0.3, and iBrowse v1.0.3.  These updates are 100% free for existing users and can be either downloaded from our site or installed automatically through the apps.

iExplorer for Windows April 09, 2015 — Version 3.7.0

Improvement iOS 8.3 Compatibility

Improvement Performance improvements

iExplorer for Windows February 02, 2015 — Version 3.6.7

Improvement iTunes 12.1 compatiblity

Improvement UI improvements