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iExplorer 3.8 Updated for OS X El Capitan

iExplorer 3.8 now fully supports the new Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11. This update is 100% free for existing users.

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iExplorer 3.6 Updated for OS X Yosemite and Windows

We just released new updates for both iExplorer for Mac and iExplorer for Windows.

New and Improved UI
iExplorer 3.6 features a new look and a cleaner user interface making it easier than ever to access everything on your iPhone and iPad. iExplorer for Mac takes advantage of the new UI capabilities of OS X Yosemite and looks right at home.

Contacts Improvements
In addition to dozens of other improvements on both Windows and Mac, iExplorer for Windows now exports contacts to CSV so you can import them to Gmail, Yahoo Mail or virtually anywhere else. The Contacts Manager has been updated to more closely match the iOS 8 Contacts app making it easier to find the contacts you’re looking for.

Text Message Emoji
Just like iExplorer for Mac, iExplorer for Windows text message PDF export now handles emoji.

Existing iExplorer 3 users can upgrade to iExplorer 3.6 for free. As always, the demo version is available as a free download.

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Access Encrypted iPhone Backups with iExplorer 3.3

Today we’re excited to announce iExplorer 3.3 for Mac and PC which is loaded with new features and fixes. 

Decrypt iPhone Backups
Prefer to keep your iPhone backups created with iTunes encrypted? Not a problem! There’s no longer a need to adjust your backup settings in iTunes. You can now access any encrypted backup in iExplorer and export and save data from it such as text messages, voicemail, notes and more by simply entering the encryption password. 

Export Text Messages in Multiple Languages
We’ve expanded iExplorer’s text message export feature to now support a much wider range of languages including Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Greek and many more.  iExplorer is also now more equipped to handle any country’s unique phone number formatting which means a much smoother and localized experience in Messages, Contacts, Voicemail, and Call History

Additional Bug Fixes
We’ve knocked some bugs that were affecting certain users and also improved a lot of small details. Here’s a short list of some of the bigger ones:
- Fixed a bug in iExplorer PC where shared images in a text conversation would sometimes become distorted in the exported PDF.
- Fixed a crash when exporting photos to iPhoto on a Mac.   
- You can now delete multiple files and/or folders at a time in iExplorer PC. 
- Fixes a crash when exporting all notes to a Mac. 
- Transferring tracks to a folder in iExplorer PC is now more optimized and will no longer crash due to system memory issues. 

Best of all, iExplorer 3.3 is a free upgrade for all existing iExplorer 3 customers!

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iExplorer Mobile Will Return Shortly


iExplorer Mobile (formerly “Awesome Files”) is in the Macroplant shop for some serious repairs.  We will return it to the App Store as soon as possible.  

(PS - When it’s ready, the updated version will be way cooler.)

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Get iExplorer Mobile v1.2 Free! (formerly Awesome Files)

Now Called “iExplorer Mobile”

We’ve renamed our app “Awesome Files” to “iExplorer Mobile.” Why? Awesome Files’s big brother has always been our app iExplorer on Windows and Mac. This has created some confusion along the way. The two apps make a perfect pair, and we wanted to make that connection clearer. 

iOS 7 UI Updates & Bug Fixes

  • We also polished up the UI with new, cleaner, iOS 7 style interface and clearer descriptions.
  • We’ve added new background wallpapers. 
  • We’ve fixed some bugs that users were encountering when opening various document types.

Free until February 1, 2014!
Normally iExplorer mobile is $5, but until the end of the month, we’re giving away the app completely free!

Get iExplorer Mobile on Mac App Store now or learn more

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