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Iexplorermobile icon 1024x1024 icon original icon thumb iExplorer Mobile Will Return Shortly


iExplorer Mobile (formerly “Awesome Files”) is in the Macroplant shop for some serious repairs.  We will return it to the App Store as soon as possible.  

(PS - When it’s ready, the updated version will be way cooler.)

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Iexplorermobile icon 1024x1024 icon original icon thumb Get iExplorer Mobile v1.2 Free! (formerly Awesome Files)

Now Called “iExplorer Mobile”

We’ve renamed our app “Awesome Files” to “iExplorer Mobile.” Why? Awesome Files’s big brother has always been our app iExplorer on Windows and Mac. This has created some confusion along the way. The two apps make a perfect pair, and we wanted to make that connection clearer. 

iOS 7 UI Updates & Bug Fixes

  • We also polished up the UI with new, cleaner, iOS 7 style interface and clearer descriptions.
  • We’ve added new background wallpapers. 
  • We’ve fixed some bugs that users were encountering when opening various document types.

Free until February 1, 2014!
Normally iExplorer mobile is $5, but until the end of the month, we’re giving away the app completely free!

Get iExplorer Mobile on Mac App Store now or learn more

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