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Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) - 1.4

Adapter (Mac) 1.4 focuses on video quality upgrades, with an improved downloader experience. Here's the full list of changes:

  • two-pass H.264 video encoding option for improved quality
  • CRF (constant rate factor) video encoding option for constant bit rate quality
  • improved audio/video sync when trimming output
  • special indicator for dealing with media files with digital rights management
  • presets for more devices like the new iPad and Apple TV
  • new preset for custom Theora video conversions
  • confirm quit while files are converting
  • improved Flash detection for downloads, now works with more websites like Vimeo
  • updated back-end FFmpeg to 0.10.2 with newer encoder libraries
  • turned off stream passthrough for those within MKV containers to prevent conversion errors
  • moved sharing & review screen to application startup

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Phone to Mac - 4.4

Phone to Mac 4.4 overhauls the SMS (text message) section of the program. The SMS back-end has now been patched up to work smoothly with iOS 5 and older devices and the SMS user interface has been greatly improved. In addition to general aesthetic improvements, you can also view and export images sent thru SMS and the "Emoji" symbols are displayed properly. If you want to save an entire conversation, we've added two more export options: SMS to .csv and SMS to .rtf. Saving to an rtf file includes the pictures and attachments that were sent in the SMS.

In addition to many other minor bug fixes and UI updates, Phone to Mac's voicemail section has also had the UI updated.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) - 1.3.1

Adapter (Mac) 1.3.1 includes the following updates:

  • delete and backspace keys now remove items from source queue
  • added Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoder to audio presets
  • added output presets for Motorola Xoom, Nook Tablet and PlayStation Vita
  • more control over Growl notifications in Preferences
  • option to import converted images directly to iPhoto
  • links to FFmpeg and Perian web sites when downloading additional components
  • improved output file size estimation for downloaded items
  • added ability to output in grayscale for PNG and TIFF presets
  • more convenience to auto-queueing downloads to converter queue
  • most recent downloads now appear on left side for quicker access
  • improved navigation (back, forward, reload) buttons in downloader
  • prevent custom odd-numbered height and width values to prevent incompatible outputs
  • better background pattern drawing to prevent swimming effect during resizes
  • pause preview playback when switching to downloader tab
  • prevent multiple copies of downloaded items from appearing in source queue
  • better memory performance after removing items from source queue
  • fixed an issue with toolbar item disabling when aborting a conversion

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) - 1.3

Adapter (Mac) 1.3 is a huge update, which includes a major graphic overhaul and all-new functionality. Here's the juicy details:

  • all-new interface appearance
  • simplified single source queue for all media conversions
  • codec passthrough support for faster conversions when using same-as-source settings
  • all-new Active Preview real-time display to show current settings effects
  • convenient recently used presets category
  • quickly determine whether a conversion will succeed given current settings
  • faster multi-thread, multi-core conversion back-end
  • color-coded status icons to quickly determine each source file status
  • dynamic, collapsible output settings panels based on output preset type
  • improved source media file validation when adding to source queue
  • codec passthrough support for faster conversions when using same-as-source settings
  • smoother experience for downloading necessary updated components
  • prevent floating point resolutions from appearing in source queue using custom values
  • fixed bugs stemming from FFmpeg changes in 5.1 and H.264 format handling

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Phone to PC

Phone to PC fixes some decoding issues with images and music databases in older iPod devices.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk (Mac) 1.881

Phone Disk version 1.881 fixes a bug preventing devices with commas in their file names from being mounted in the file system.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Phone to Mac -

We found that iMessages in the iTunes Backups were not getting read in correctly. They should now show up correctly.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Minor fixes added to our Windows programs

The Windows versions of Phone to PC, Phone Disk and Dupe Away have all been updated to include various minor fixes and updates. Most notably, Phone to PC now works with iMessages.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) - 1.2.2

Adapter (Mac) 1.2.2 includes the following updates:

  • fixed web downloads for sites that default to ".com" in their streams, like CNN and Reuters
  • disable output file size estimations while conversions are in progress
  • display album art in preview panel for audio files
  • hide preview controls in image tab
  • better output preset organization
  • fixed toolbar crash stemming from adding files to source queue
  • added ability to post program reviews on various websites
  • back-end FFmpeg bridge improvements

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) - 1.2.1

Adapter (Mac) 1.2.1 includes the following updates:

  • fixed back-end issues with bit rates set to "source" option
  • fixed memory issues during video conversions
  • now use only source item thumbnail for video frame progress
  • Growl 1.3.1 support (even those without Growl now see notifications)
  • added preset resolutions for image resizing
  • disabled custom output formats for now
  • fixes for FLV & Ogg output presets (sample rates & channels)