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itDJ Successfully Launches in the Mac App Store!


Our itDJ launch was incredible and we’d like to thank all of fans customers who have already bought the app.  Within the first week of the app’s launch, it climbed all the way up to #19 of all the apps in the Mac App Store and #4 in the music category.

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itDJ 1.0 Released - DJ Software for Mac!

Just before we left for the weekend on Friday, we quietly rolled out version 1.0 of itDJ into the Mac App Store. While we were gone for the weekend, the app leaped all the way up to the #6 paid app in the Mac App Store's Music category and climbed half way up the top 100 overall! It even surpassed all other paid DJ apps in the Mac App Store!

We began work on itDJ in 2010. We released its first beta version in 2011. And since then we've completely overhauled, redesigned and reworked the app countless times to get it done right. The end result is a beautifully and professionally designed product that gives you control over playing your music and will improve anyone's iTunes listening experience.

Learn more about DJ software for Mac and checkout the itDJ homepage. Or, get itDJ in the Mac App Store now during our launch sale!

Browse the raw files of your iPhone or iTunes Backups with iBrowse!

Today we're excited to announce the official release of our newest app, iBrowse. We made this app for the purists amongst you who want apps to do just one job, extremely well and also be free. iBrowse is lightweight and lets you browse files and folders on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and in your iTunes backups from any Mac or PC. It's powered by the same proven backend framework that we use and maintain with iExplorer, but for performance and cleanliness, this app is gutted down to just accessing files and folders. Let us know what you think!

iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Compatibility

As Apple prepares to announce the release of two new iPhones and its highly anticipated new mobile and desktop operating systems, we've been hard at work to ensure that all of our apps are compatible. We're happy to announce that we've now completed testing and updates of all our products with the latest betas for both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Keep an eye out for more updates following Apple's keynote event tomorrow, September 10th.Â

iExplorer Updates

In addition to many minor improvements to the software itself, during the last few months we've been working hard here to improve the online content available for iExplorer. Our graphic and web design team created four new videos and feature pages highlighting the various features and capabilities of iExplorer. Checkout our Macroplant youtube channel or the links below.

We've updated all of our iExplorer tutorials which you can check out here and we've even updated the legal information which can be found here.

Sharepod Acquisition Completed

Sharepod was launched in 2005 and allowed Windows users to transfer music from their iPod to computer. A few short months ago we finalized negotiations with Sharepod LTD and acquired the Sharepod app. We're now happy to announce now that we've fully completed and launched Sharepod 4, the long over due major update to Sharepod. We created the all new front end of Sharepod from the ground-up and we based the backend functionality off of the tested and proven code we created for iExplorer. The end result is a beautiful new app that offers users the easiest way to transfer music and playlists from their iPhone, iPod or iPhone to their computer. The new Sharepod is available now for both Windows and Mac. Learn more by visiting

Introducing Dupe Away 3.0!

The all new Dupe Away has arrived for both Mac and PC. This tiny app packs some powerful tools for cleaning your iTunes library. Your duplicate files, tracks with invalid file references and playlists can be instantly analyzed and cleaned up with this app. Additionally, we've added in a brand new tool for detecting and cleaning abandoned tracks (music files in your music folder that aren't in iTunes). Within seconds the new Dupe Away can improve your iTunes listening experience and save you valuable gigabytes of disk space from your computer. Best of all, you can try it and analyze your iTunes library absolutely risk free.

iExplorer 3.2 for Mac and PC Released!

iExplorer 3.2 is the largest update to iExplorer since version 3.0! We added tons of new features and improvements including-

  • New and easier to use device home screen with category filters.
  • Updated and improved app icon.
  • A Documents folder which offers users a safe place to store their documents without having to worry about damaging device system files.
  • A home screen link to the Awesome Files documents directory to allow easy access for file storage on the device where those files can be viewed on the go.
  • Intelligent backup decoding, now does not bug you to make a new backup if the backup is less than 24 hours old. You can also now refresh the backup manually from its right-click menu.
  • Messages (SMS) viewing updates include new sorting columns such that you can now sort by contact name, most recent message date and even total messages in the conversation. Various message related back-end fixes, exporting fixes and other improvements and have been made as well.
  • Auto-Transfer (recover everything to iTunes) includes various UI updates and bug fixes.
  • A disk mounting bug that prevented certain devices with international or special characters in their name from being mounted has been resolved.
  • A Windows 8 disk mounting bug has been resolved.
  • Many other bug fixes and updates.

iExplorer (Mac) - 3.1 - Retina and iOS 6 ready!

iExplorer for Mac, version 3.1 has just been released. We've updated our graphics to take advantage of Apple's new Retina displays. We've also included support for iOS 6 databases and backups. Once that's released, iExplorer will already be good to go. We've also made performance, stability, and user-friendly improvements across the board, so be sure to grab the update!

Adapter (Mac) 1.4.3 - Removal of Downloader

We are sorry to say to all Adapter fans that due to recent Adobe Flash updates (11.4), the Downloader functionality has become too limited to continue supporting at this time. For now, if you would like to continue using Downloader functions (HD videos still work nicely), do not download the latest Adapter update. Rest assured, all conversion functionality remains unchanged.