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Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) - 1.2

Adapter (Mac) 1.2 is live on Adapter now looks even better than before. Here are some changes from the last release:

  • real-time output file size estimation
  • all-new easy-to-read media source queue
  • helpful warning for stopping in-progress conversions
  • better video frame capture with full resolution output
  • thumbnails to show progress of conversions
  • fixed issue with conversions from video to Ogg Vorbis
  • fixed default bit rate settings for certain encoders
  • faster encoding when using trimmed output
  • various performance improvements

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk's icon updated

If your still seeing the yellow Phone Disk icon, hit refresh! We've recently overhauled Phone Disk's icon and we think you'll like it.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk and iExplorer - Mac version fixes

A recent iTunes update caused the file transfer aspect of iExplorer (Mac) and Phone Disk (Mac) to fail for some users. iExplorer (Mac) and Phone Disk (Mac) now include updates to resolve this issue.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Website Updated

The Macroplant navigation bar, app icons, and more have been updated.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) 1.1

Adapter 1.1 comprises several months of efforts, including:

  • Growl notification support
  • Improved installation
  • All-new source file queue
  • Presets for iPad 2, iPhone 4S and Kindle Fire
  • Matroska (MKV) video output option
  • H.264 video encoding for applicable devices
  • Audio-only presets from videos
  • iPhone M4R ringtone support
  • Conversion percentage in dock icon
  • Better support for Flash MP4 from web
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (PC) -

Adapter brings the following changes:

  • new video preset for Kindle Fire video conversion
  • better detection of missing components
  • better video & audio previewing for creating clips
  • event logging for faster fixes from user crash reports
  • better video & audio bitrate optimization for various devices
  • bug fixes (keep sending us crash reports!)

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Phone to Mac - 4.3.2

This Phone to Mac update resolves a database issue specific to users running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) on their Mac and iOS 5 on their device.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (PC) -

The latest release ( of Adapter (PC) brings mostly bug fixes and optimizations based on user feedback and crash reports. Album art is now displayed for audio files. You can now share a link to Adapter on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone to PC and iExplorer (PC) Updated

Phone to PC and iExplorer are now updated to work with the latest versions of iTunes and Quicktime. Additionally if iTunes and Quicktime aren't setup properly a dialog window will appear requesting thier installation.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (PC) -

This latest update to Adapter (PC) includes the following updates:

  • H.264 video encoding for various devices
  • create iPhone M4R ringtones from any video or audio source
  • crop video & audio sources to desired length
  • copy audio metadata (artist, album, etc) to output audio
  • iPhone 4S video preset to support 1080p H.264 playback
  • audio-only presets in video tab for quickly creating audio from video
  • faster installation
  • video conversions default to hiding video frames (prevent spoilers!)
  • miscellaneous bug fixes