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Macroplant logo icon thumb iExplorer (Mac) and Phone to Mac

Todays updates to iExplorer (Mac) and Phone to Mac restore functionality for OSX 10.5 users.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Pod to Mac and Pod to PC renamed.

For legal reasons, our blockbuster programs, Pod to Mac and Pod to PC, have been renamed to "Phone to Mac" and "Phone to PC." If you use Facebook, Twitter, etc... please help us spread these new names around from the share buttons on the program pages.

Macroplant logo icon thumb Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Thank you for making our company possible.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (PC) -

This release of Adapter (PC) is a complete redesign, modeled after the successful Mac 1.0+ version. Adapter now includes a web downloader to archive and convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Look for more feature additions in the coming months. Enjoy!

Macroplant logo icon thumb Phone Disk (PC) -

Stability improvements have been added to Phone Disk for when connecting to app directories.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Pod to Mac -

Pod to Mac has been updated to version In this version:

- Several recent transfer and crash bugs have been fixed. In particular (and maybe a couple version before) seems to crash for all running OSX 10.6; please update to resolve this crash.

Macroplant logo icon thumb IMPORTANT UPDATE - Several Programs Logos and Names Have Been Changed

Today, for legal reasons, we are making several major updates to many of our programs. The changes can be summarized as follows, and we've also posted an official press release here with more information about these changes.

  • iPhone Explorer is being renamed to "iExplorer."
  • The logo for what is now called "iExplorer" has been updated.
  • The logos for Pod to PC and Pod to Mac have been updated.
  • The logo for Phone Disk has been updated.
  • meta-iPod is being renamed to "meta-Tunes."
  • The logo for what is now called "meta-Tunes" has been updated.
iPhone Explorer, now iExplorer, typically sees nearly 10,000 vista daily and we really don't want to lose this following due to the confusion over a name change. Furthermore, we now need to climb the Google rankings with the term "iExplorer," and need your help to do this. So bloggers, Facebook users, Google+ users, website owners, and those who tweet - please help spread the word our the name change.

Thank you all very much for your support. Please e-mail any questions or concerns with regards to these changes to chrisdevor (at) macroplant (dot) com.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb App directory access restored to iPhone Explorer (PC) and Phone Disk (PC)!

We're very excited to release updates to our Windows versions of Phone Disk and iPhone Explorer. In Phone Disk and iPhone Explorer, access to the app directories on iOS devices has been restored. This update is especially important for those people who were seeing the error message pretaining to the bad CoreFoundation.dll file. Many other stability fixes have been added, especially to Phone Disk.

Iexplorer4 icon thumb Pod to Mac -

Pod to Mac now shares the exact same, finely tuned connection backend as iPhone Explorer (Mac) and Phone Disk (Mac). If you've had any issues before related to copying files or connecting an iPhone/touch/Pad, this update should clear it up. Plus whatever future updates we make to that connection code, will show up quickly and seamlessly in all three Mac apps.

Adapter icon 1500x1500 icon thumb Adapter (Mac) -

This update to Adapter (Mac), version includes:

  • Fairly minor update, a few problems in the UI were cleaned up.
  • A code cleanup removed the potential for a lot of bugs.