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Adapter's Animated GIF Maker

for Mac & Windows

Create High Quality Animated GIFs

Adapter easily exports animated GIFs from videos, image sequences, YouTube downloads and other sources. It gives you full control over the output resolution, framerate, playback speed, trim and more. With the file size estimator and preview panel, tweaking the settings to create the perfect GIF is easy.

animated gif file

Create Animated GIF Memes

Once you've got the basics down for creating animated GIFs with Adapter, just add a text layer or two and you've got an animated meme. Because Adapter doesn't force watermarks, restrict resolution or control your frame rate you can create professional GIFs and memes every time.

Adapter's GIF Maker Beats the Competition

Competitor A
Free & Paid Version
Competitor B
Free Version
(Only Version)
Platforms Online PC Only Mac & PC
Video Source Support Yes Yes Yes
Image Sequence Source Support No No Yes
Max Source Video Size Free: 35 MB
Paid: 70 MB
No Limit No Limit
Dynamic Preview No No Yes
Max Frames Free: 50
Paid: 100
No Limit No Limit
Max FPS Free: 15
Paid: Unknown
20 No Limit
Max Resolution Free: 360x260
Paid: Unlimited
Unlimited No Limit
Max Output Size Free: 3.5 MB
Paid: 7 MB
No Limit Unlimited
Supports Text Overlay Yes No Yes
Supports Image Overlay No No Yes
Forced Watermark Free: Yes
Paid: No
No No
Max Video Length Free: 10 Seconds
Paid: 40 Seconds
No Limit No Limit
Spammy Advertisement Free: Yes
Paid: No
No No
Fast Desktop App No Yes Yes
Image Layer Support None None Yes
Price Free: $0
Paid: $120/year
Free Free