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Adapter's Video Converter

for Mac & Windows

Convert Video to Image Sequence

Adapter makes converting between formats easy. You can export an entire video (or a trimmed section) to individaul image frames. Creating image sequences is as easy as choosing your desired output framerate your favorite image format (jpegs, pngs, gifs, or any other image format). You can even convert the reverse direction and turn your images back into video.

convert video to image sequence

Add Subtitles, Watermarks, Audio and Text Overlays

With the layers control features in Adapter, you can easily add or burn subtitles (.srt), watermarks, image overlays and audio directly into mp4 or other videos. Use the output preview to help position the items.

add subtitles, watermarks and overlays to video

Export MP3 and More from Videos

Not only does Adapter lets you turn a video into any other video formats, but you can also turn a video into audio or image formats. For example, you can export the audio track of a video to an MP3. Or create an animated GIF and post it online.

convert video to image, audio, gif

Create Video Timelapse Animations

If you’re looking to convert a lengthy video into a shorter time lapse video, Adapter’s the app for the job. Simply drop any source video into Adapter, then increase the playback speed and drop the output frame rate. Boom! Instant time lapse video! You can also create a timelapse video from still images.

convert video to timelapse image sequence