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Having duplicate songs in your iTunes library is no fun, and you could also have lots of tracks hidden away in music folders but not in iTunes at all. Here's how to get rid of your duplicates, recover those lost tracks, clean up your music library, and save some valuable disk space.

What you will need

  • Dupe Away
  • A Mac or PC with iTunes installed

Before you begin

If you don't already have Dupe Away installed download it by clicking the button below. For more detailed installation instructions, click here.

To check to see if your Library has any duplicates, open Dupe Away, and the scan will begin automatically. If there are duplicates, the music note will light up. Hover over the music note to find out how many were found and how much hard drive space is being wasted.

If the music note didn't light up, then great news! Your library doesn't contain any duplicates.

To delete duplicates, click the Music Note . The tracks marked in grey are the ones that have been set to keep, and you'll see them marked as KEEP in the Action column. The tracks marked in red are the ones determined to be duplicates and are set to be deleted.

In the list of duplicates, you'll see information such as size, play count, star rating, and more. This will help you figure out which tracks you want to keep. If you need to change the action for any track that's been marked wrong, you can make any changes in the Action column by clicking on DELETE or KEEP.

Once you've confirmed and verified all tracks are set to the way you want, click on Delete # Tracks. Then, click Delete in the confirmation window to begin cleaning your Library.

If you would prefer to use different criteria for how Dupe Away finds and marks duplicates, you can open Dupe Away Preferences and adjust the list of priorities on the "Keep Which Version" tab. Just drag/drop any of them up or down the priority list, and then Dupe Away will begin a new scan once you click Done.

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Macroplant Staff