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Export Notes, Calendar, and Call History from iPhone, iPad and Backup Data

iExplorer Notes Screenshot

Access iPhone Notes from Computer

Using the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad may be convenient, but what happens when you want those notes on your computer? iExplorer takes the mystery out of this process and makes it easier than ever to access your devices' notes from a PC or Mac.

Grab notes from your device, or from an existing iTunes backup. Using iExplorer, you can browse through notes and search for terms or phrases, cut, copy, and paste notes onto your computer, and save and export notes in just moments. Save notes from iPhone to computer and regain control of everything you jot down.

access iphone notes on computer
export iphone call history

Export iPhone Call History

Want to see who's been calling the phone you're holding? iExplorer lets you access iPhone call history and move it to your computer. Export your call history in csv or txt formats so you can open and edit your data however you'd like. Easily view your call history statistics, too, for a quick look at recent history or a broad summary.

Safari History & Bookmarks

If you do a lot of browsing and other web-based activity on your iPhone or other device, you may want a quick way to copy history and bookmarks to your computer. iExplorer lets you do exactly that, so you can pick up on your PC or Mac right where you left off. Can't remember the URL of that awesome blog you found on your phone earlier? Just look it up from Safari's web history using iExplorer!

access iphone safari bookmarks on computer
access iphone calendar on computer

Export iPhone Calendar Events

iExplorer can also export iPhone calendar events, so you'll have all your important dates and appointments at the ready on the machines you use most.